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While minor in possession of alcohol (MIP), minor in lounge (MIL), and minor in consumption of alcohol (MIC) are relatively common charges for young people, these charges can still derail their best efforts to get their life started on the right foot. Many young people charged with MIPs are often in-state and out-of-state students at one of West Alabama's many colleges or universities. Depending on the circumstances, being charged with an MIP, MIL, or MIC while a student can also have a major impact on a student's ability to continue his or her education.

Any criminal charges, even those that occur off of the campus of the student's college, can create misconduct charges within the college or university disciplinary system. These misconduct charges can lead to:

  • Suspension
  • Academic Probation
  • Expulsion
  • Fines

Additional sanctions and penalties other than those imposed by the court
At every West Alabama college or university, the Office of Judicial Affairs has its own policies on nonacademic misconduct. Our attorneys routinely accompany students to these proceedings. We offer a knowledgeable and comforting presence, and we can help mitigate sanctions and ensure that your student understands the procedure and sanctions imposed.

No one wants to put his or her education at risk over a bottle of beer. Securing the representation of a skilled MIP defense attorney is the best step you can take toward ensuring that your child's MIP charge is handled appropriately both in court and at your child's school.

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