Criminal Defense

If you are under investigation, have been arrested, or are charged with a crime, you are at risk of losing your freedom, your job, and your property. It is urgent that you contact an experienced criminal law trial attorney as soon as you realize you are a suspect or have been charged with a crime so that all possible avenues are available to help you in your case.

If you want to speak with an experienced criminal law trial attorney, contact our criminal defense law firm and arrange for an initial consultation. We offer evening and weekend appointments, jail consultations, and telephone appointments.We also accept credit card payments.

Experience ▪ Aggressive Defense ▪ Training


Our attorneys have over 37 combined years of experience in criminal defense, and have all represented indigent clients.Mary Turner served as public defenders in Alabama prior to starting Turner Law Group. We take an aggressive approach to criminal defense, and we are all committed to increasing our knowledge with special training in criminal defense and DUI defense. Attorney Mary Turner teaches courses in trial law and attorney. We will be happy to discuss likely outcomes of your case in light of the facts that will be presented in court as well as discussing ways in which we can minimize the impact of criminal charges. Some of the many accomplishments of our lawyers include:

  • 1999-2000 Mary Turner was the first female president of the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.
  • Mary Turner participated in the National Trial Team and have been lecturers for continuing legal education (CLE)
  • All four of our lawyers have National Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association membership
  • Mary Turner, and Laura K. Segers have been accepted into and attended the National Criminal Defense College

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