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While Alabama's alcohol breath test program is often regarded as one of the best in the country, it is not unassailable in all circumstances. An effective DUI defense requires knowledgeable consideration of all evidence, including the alcohol breath test. A good DUI defense lawyer will carefully consider all available means of defending his or her client. A key element of the prosecutor's case is the blood alcohol content (BAC) result. Effective legal counsel will consider means by which the result can be suppressed or otherwise challenged. This can include scientific or fact-based challenges depending on the facts of each case.

These strategies also differ depending upon whether the result is from a roadside breathalyzer or a post-arrest Draeger breath test. Successful challenges for both types of tests require time, knowledge and thoughtful consideration. Potential areas for attack include:

  • Was the required observation period satisfied?
  • Was the required deprivation period satisfied?
  • Is there error potential within the test or machine?
  • What was the timing betwen the test and person's last drink and how does it correspond to the blood alcohol level curve?

A breath test challenge is simply one arrow in the quiver, a useful tool upon which a successful DUI defense can be built. Securing the representation of a skilled attorney is the best step you can take to ensure that your rights are well-defended.

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