Family Law

Family law attorneys from Turner Law Group are determined to protect you, your children, and your property by providing effective legal representation. Many problems in family law are avoidable, and effective trial counsel can help you avoid these common mistakes.

Our family law firm has years of experience representing clients in Alabama Family Court. We will protect your interests by aggressively pursuing the best interests of your family in divorce and custody issues, and drafting documents that prevent future problems. If you would like a consultation about your family law needs, contact our Tuscaloosa law office and speak with a family law and divorce lawyer.

  • Legal Separations
  • Divorce Petitions
  • Father's Rights
  • Child Support
  • Alimony / Spousal Support
  • Division of Assets
  • Division of Debt
  • Enforcement of Court Orders
  • Modification of Custody Orders
  • Modification of Support Orders
  • Child Custody
  • Visitation/Parenting Time